Why should we use genuine smart home products?

Ask customers often when buying genuine smart home products?

Have you ever asked Azura a question: I see a lot of smart home products online; Although there is no brand, the price is very cheap, so it is not necessary to buy genuine goods?

Selling products are often copied very much in Vietnam; This is no longer a new thing. Using non-genuine products will greatly affect your benefits; Do you know yet?

Today we will analyze this problem together!
The 5 reasons we listed below are the 5 most common problems of customers when buying non-genuine smart home products.

  • Non-genuine products or floating products of unknown origin are products that are not protected by trademarks. Customers using these types of products are also not protected from any problems.
  • Using non-genuine smart home devices you will easily be sold at a higher price because there is no listed price on the market.
  • Also, the quality is not guaranteed; After-sales service, warranty support is not guaranteed. The device is easily damaged or degraded in a short time.
  • Product design or error affects the aesthetics of the house.
  • The app controls, smart products with no bandwidth guarantee; Control app easily hangs, loses signal, crashes the server. This will greatly affect the information security; safety; and your life experience.
  • And there are many other arising issues in the process of use that you will encounter if using non-genuine technology products (typical smart home products).

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