Things to know when using smart home devices

How to choose smart home products for wisdom?
To get the best experience when using smart home equipment; The first thing you need to do is to choose genuine, suitable, guaranteed equipment. Or you can refer to how to choose smart home products here

Basic notes when using smart home equipment.

  • Refer fully to the good features as well as the limitations of the product before installing the entire system.
  • After choosing a guaranteed smart home product, the next step is to learn how to use smart home products so that they are durable and maximize their effectiveness.
  • To ensure that you are guaranteed the product when a failure occurs, you need to use the product in a favorable condition for the operation of the product.
  • Do not arbitrarily remove the board of the product; or repair yourself on your own when there is a problem with the product. Contact the supplier for assistance with repair and warranty.
  • Do not leave smart home equipment directly in the sun; Rain, the wind too long, even if the device has a water-proof mode.
  • Smart home devices always need to be connected to Wifi to use the control via an app
  • For some devices using batteries such as smart locks; Smart gas leak sensor, .. You need to replace the battery periodically according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the device works in the best condition.
  • Not knocking, beating or dropping the product will easily cause internal circuitry.



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