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The Vietnamese population has reached 97.5 million people and on July 4, 2019, mainly concentrated in crowded and vibrant city areas. Because of the increasing population, the demand for accommodation has become more and more urgent than ever. However, the demand for houses of consumers of real estate, apartments and townhouses have not always been strict; they don’t just want a place to live, they need a place to go every night, really safe and comfortable.
We understand that partners need to be able to support the project. We understand the enthusiasm poured out for each big and big project, even though the baby is because we are also specialists in architectural souls. Each building becomes smarter than once the value of technology is amplified and performs its inherent function.
With a team of smart home technology experts and achievements that Azura smart home technology solution has achieved over 149 different countries worldwide; We are confident that we can help investors of every project to make your project more perfect and classy. Bringing in a European standard solution, it has been trusted in more than 149 countries, with a global server system; a 3-layer blockchain data management facility comes at a reasonable cost; We can create more than anything you can imagine.
Any wish to provide more information, advice, quotation, survey, etc., please contact the Hotline or send a cooperation email to

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