Invitation to cooperate as an agent

  • Are you looking for a visionary brand and products that bring long-term benefits?
  • Do you want to start a business, but have not found a prestigious cooperative unit?
  • You are doing business in electronics; Family electricity and want to learn about home furniture solutions that integrate artificial intelligence?

With the future vision “It is the smart solution of every Vietnamese family.” We believe that we are the answer to all the expectations of our partners.

Understand the influence and optimal use of smart home solutions for future family life; We want to bring these wonderful values ​​everywhere; serving all modern Vietnamese people. We cannot realize the big vision; the mission of genuine Azura smart home solutions without the support of business partners supporting distribution like your unit.

We are committed to being a reliable partner; lasting. In relations with partners; Nam Khanh company always carries out activities based on respect; mutually beneficial cooperation and compliance with Vietnamese law for long-term and sustainable development; aiming at experts who bring integrated electronic solutions using AI technology; Safe and smart for Vietnamese people.


– Enjoy high commission/discount
– Supported advice and installation instructions
– Support agents during the product warranty process
– Agents are available on the official distribution agency page of Nam Khanh company
– Agents may use product images on the official AZURA representative website in Vietnam.
– Agents supported media publications, marketing publications (soft files)
– And many other benefits through the negotiation process between the two parties.


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