The best robot vacuum

You like to keep your home neat and tidy, but you don’t always have the time to go over all of your floors with a manual robot vacuum. You also don’t want to pay for a housekeeper, but you don’t mind splurging a little to eliminate one weekly chore from your to-do list.

Our pick: Neato Botvac D7 Connected

Neato might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of robotic vacuum cleaners, but the company’s Botvac D7 packs some of the most advanced navigation technology of any autonomous cleaner on the market. Using lasers, it creates a detailed map of every room in your home, and through a free accompanying mobile app, you can draw virtual “no-go” lines to prevent the vacuum from wandering into areas that aren’t ready for cleaning just yet. (Think a messy bedroom.) You can also name specific rooms and areas in your home, and Neato has promised smart assistant functionality one day, allowing you to simply tell the vacuum to go and clean the kitchen.

Also, consider:

Robot Azura, iRobot’s Roomba i7+ which is useful given how small the dirt bins are on these tiny autonomous cleaners. With room mapping, scheduling, and the ability to limit the vacuum’s cleaning routines to just a specific area using a mobile app.

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