Smart lock solution

In the context of complex security as at present, conventional locks do not meet the requirements to ensure safety for your home. The trend of choosing smart door locks for modern houses instead of traditional door locks is an inevitable trend of the era. Because modern door lock integrates many preeminent features to meet the increasing demand of consumers.

Understanding that Azura’s experienced engineers have invented intelligent electronic lock products with the necessary functions for every home today, thanks to the increased safety functions such as alerts intrusion, anti-lock system, …

Azura’s smart door lock is a 5-in-1 door lock, easy to install and can connect to your smartphone, apply modern technology into the operating mechanism to shorten the time to unlock the door. The unit of time in seconds and increases the security of the house to the highest level. Azura’s smart door lock will notify your smartphone when someone opens the door or intentionally breaks your door no matter where you are.

It is the best solution for a smart home. Azura brings you comfortable and classy life experiences. This is the time you need to consider the safety of the house and the family members.

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