Smart lighting solutions

The term “Smart Home” is becoming more and more popular in today’s modern life if not overused. Many products are labeled smart houses but do not guarantee all the core elements a smart home product must have. It is the misuse of non-reference words that confuses customers and then creates a negative feeling with architectural goods.How is a house called a standard SmartHome ? Smarthome or Smarthouse is a type of home that is installed with electric and electronic devices that can be controlled or automated, semi-automatic, replacing people in performing one or more management and control operations. Indoor electrical equipment easily only with smartphone / voice. Products must meet the requirements of both hardware (chip circuit structure) and software (App control) according to international standards to be called true smart home products. That is why leading technology experts still recommend customers to learn and use genuine smart home products that have been verified and recognized in many places.

We are in a period of technological development and their influence on our lives is huge. Understanding the positive effects of “standard” smart home products on the quality of life and the quintessential experience of residential buildings, we are here to give you an international standard solution: The solution that the quality class comes with the reasonable cost – Azura.

Azura has made outstanding innovations to give customers complete access to modern life and utilities. With the creation of experienced engineers, Azura has brought the highest level of experience to customers in more than 149 countries through its products. Among them is the invention of smart lighting system Azura. The solution brings comfort and luxury to users with outstanding advantages such as: fashionable product structure, high aesthetic, stable quality, … and especially can be controlled remotely via smartphone application based on the global server system provided and managed by the world’s largest software company – Amazon enables you to turn on / off lights anywhere, anytime. This solution helps us control the entire lighting system in the house quickly and conveniently, the ability to script the time for the lighting system according to many different scenes: such as welcoming guests, going home , going to bed, .. is one of the unspeakable strengths of the Azura smart home product – Australia. In addition, the control of the lighting system via smart phone helps you even if you are not at home, but the house is still bright and cozy, avoiding many dangerous intruders. Let’s imagine you go home and say: “ok google, i come home” the whole house of several floors immediately lit up, is there anything more satisfying than that? Azura’s smart lighting solution helps you unleash a new era of the most comfortable life for your own home.


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