Smart home – the inevitable trend of the future

I. What is a smart home?
The smart home is also called Smart Home or Intelli home; This is a concept that refers to a house; apartment or a store equipped with an intelligent automatic system using IoT technology. Accordingly, all electrical equipment in the house will be connected to form a network; allows users to control directly via a wall-mounted device; voice; by Smartphone or tablet.
Including lighting system; automatic curtain control; air conditioning – television; multi-zone sound; lock the door; anti-theft security camera; turn on / off the heater; Ventilation fan, a doorbell with a camera, …
II. Status of smart houses in the world
“Smart home” is no longer a new concept in the world; especially in developed countries like the US, China, Britain, Japan, Germany, etc.
According to some statistic, statistics from early 2019 of the States; Smart home market sales amounted to the US $ 71,629 million by 2019. Expected revenue will show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 20.7%; resulting in a market volume of US $ 151,955 million by 2023. The household penetration rate is 7.7%; in 2019 and is expected to reach 18.1% by 2023. The average revenue per installed Smart Home is currently up to $ 124.63. A global comparison shows that most revenue is generated in the United States (the US $ 27,240 million in 2019)
III. Status of smart device network connection in Vietnam
Vietnam is slowly mixing it into the flow of technology from advanced countries. Many manufacturing technologies; Modern consumption in the world is also brought to Vietnam to apply to improve production processes and people’s daily life. Don’t stop there; Foundation of technology: Internet also focuses on development by many Vietnamese operators; The platform “Internet of things” reinforced by internet 5G was born; Support transmission bandwidth expansion makes a transmission connection 20 times faster.
IV. The smart home – safe and economical solution of the future.
Currently, thanks to the optimization in technology production, the product cost has decreased significantly; Thanks to these factors, Smart Houses are becoming more and more familiar with all construction works in Vietnam; from villas to apartments; factories, … With safe, economical and optimal solutions for life that smart home equipment brings; Smart houses are and will be the trend of the future.

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