Smart Home Device FAQs

How do home automation devices work?

Simply put, smart electronics connect to a Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth or a hub using radio-activated Z-wave systems. Once synced, the smart home gadget can be conveniently controlled using the product’s mobile app, voice commands, or other handy features. With a hub like the Amazon Echo, you’re able to connect multiple devices under one smart home gadget with many options for quick and easy control.

How easy is it to maintain smart home devices?

While it may be tempting to purchase a home automation system that comes with many bells and whistles, it’s better instead to look for simple solutions. When you want to automate a simple process, it’s better to start small. Consider starting with a smart speaker or a smart assistant. Also, find out if the device will need to be updated in order to have the latest technology to use years from now.

What is a smart home device hub? Do I need one?

A smart home device hub connects all of your home automation devices for easy use from one system. To use a smart device hub, you’ll connect it to your Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth, and use the same connection to pair to your smart home gadgets. With a smart hub, you’ll achieve a true smart home without the need to control multiple mobile apps – unless you want to. But, before you buy into a smart hub, double-check to make sure you don’t already have one. Some devices, like the Amazon Echo, serve as a smart hub and home gadget all in one to save you time and money.

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