Smart connection solution

Smart technology is indispensable for modern and classy life. With a desire to provide customers with more life benefits, Azura engineers have invented the most modern equipment in furniture. In particular, Azura’s smart products help control your home with only a smartphone such as a hub that controls devices using the remote control, intrusion prevention systems; control curtains, and lights, security cameras, etc. This solution allows you to accurately identify lighting for each area and control the temperature system as well as other systems to improve the level of energy efficiency. Quality, while increasing the safety and comfort of the building.

Just Wifi and Smartphone you can control the house remotely with just one touch without having to use many remote controls to control TV, air conditioner, … Helping you get closer to copper technology It also dispels the worries of leaving home and forgetting to turn off electrical equipment to ensure the safety of your home, especially those with young children. At the same time, you can also adjust the level of light, the room temperature comfortable accesses the amenities of the smart home through convenient Azura products available in the room. You also significantly reduce energy costs and operation with room capacity sensors and related technologies, making maintenance, room cleaning, and other parts more efficiently.

It is the optimal solution to replace the remote control in the home. Azura helps you to own a smart home at your fingertips at a low cost and the product still reaches international quality. Bringing you the ultimate experience at your fingertips, bringing technology closer to you.

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