Highlights of Azura smart light switch product

Why is it a smart light switch?
Smart houses are one of the future technology trends in Vietnam. Technology products are becoming more and more popular in Vietnam. It is for these reasons that many different smart home products are emerging and gradually asserting themselves in the technology market.

When it comes to smart home products, the first product certainly can’t be mentioned is the smart power switch. Because of the ease of use and popularity of this device in a house; This is one of the most popular products in the smart homeworld.

Has the Azura smart light switch different?
The smart electric switch is now distributed by many different brands of all kinds and cost of origin; In that harsh world, what makes the Azura smart light switch different?

– Genuine European quality products: soft and stable price.

– Luxurious and refined design with the toughened glass touch surface.

– Size 120x72x36mm is equal to the standard size of specialized electrical switches used in Vietnam. Convenient to convert from old houses to smart houses.

– Connect directly to the control app on the phone via Wifi without using the Center.

– As the world’s largest smart home control app.

– Customers will receive a warranty for up to 2 years, 1 change in the first 1 year if there are any problems due to production errors.

It is thanks to the quality and guarantee from the brand that Azura increasingly proves its position in the smart home equipment market.


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