Gas leak – death always stalks every family and solutions

1. Gas leak – death always stalks every family

The gas leak is the cause of many painful deaths and property losses of up to trillions of dong. Not only does it lead to fire and explosion, but gas can also lead to death. Your child at home may be in danger if you go out, but cannot keep track of potential risks coming from gas and electric shock in the house. In this article, we will show you how to take care of your family wherever you are.

Cháy do rò rỉ khí ga.

2. Causes

The cause of the gas leak can be mentioned as:
The gas tank cover is punctured:
Open gas valve:
Old gas conductor:
The cooking negligence of the user
Fake gas cylinders:
Gas sounds are blown or unusually strong fire
Whatever the cause, early gas leak detection combined with basic gas leak handling skills will help you ensure safety and minimize damage to your family even in the worst condition.

Immediately after detecting a gas leak in your home, calmly do the following:

Not touch any device that can generate electrical sparks.
Do not turn on or turn off light switches, fans, and circuit breakers including mobile phones.
If too much gas around; Wet the towel into a mask to avoid gas suffocation.
Immediately lock the valve.
Use manual ventilation means, for example, a fan or a cardboard cover for fan cooling. If the fan is running, leave it intact.
Open all the doors so that the gas escapes.
Quickly move out calling for people to support

Sủ dụng báo khói thông minh của AZURA để bảo vệ gia đình bạn tốt hơn

3. SENSOR indicates AZURA gas leak – Smart solution to protect your home remotely

You may also be using devices that tell you about gas leaks sold on the market, but are those devices smart enough?

A European standard solution from Australia – SENSOR AZURA smoke detector will solve all common gas leak sensor problems in the market that cannot be done. Use an extremely smart gas sensor processor on the IoT platform. Immediately send a notification when smoke is detected to the control app on your phone; wherever you are

With AZURA’s smart home appliance, you can completely take care of and protect your family from any potential dangers wherever you are. In addition to gas leak detectors; AZURA also provides other smart solutions for your home such as smart camera, smart power switch; smart power outlet; Intelligent controller control devices that use remote in the home,…

Sensor báo khói thông minh chính hãng Azura - Australia

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