Discover outstanding apps of smart home devices

The potential of smart houses in the period of 2019 – 2025?

The smart home is an extremely great solution for all families and construction works to ensure safety and comfort, but still, keep or increase the aesthetics of the house.

Azura-Australia is a smart home brand that is trusted in over 50 countries before entering the Vietnam market. Today, let’s explore the secrets that the Azura smart home appliance application brings.

Applications that create a perfect smart home brand.

Integrate all devices into 1 app
The Azura smart home system includes many devices: smart light switch; smart power outlet; smart curtain switches; smart door locks; intelligent smoke sensor; Smart doorbell; … And the special thing is that all devices are controlled via a single app

Good security, high utility
The attack of hackers on IoT systems is always a headache for technology makers internet of things; however, at Azura, we use the world’s largest control app with 3-layer security like security at banks. This is the biggest feature that clearly shows the level of a European standard product.

Maximum safety
The product is made of flame-retardant plastic material; Tempered glass ensures safety for all family members. Security devices; door lock with multi-layer security; Always update the notification to the control app.

Save resources and costs

Smart home appliances are a great assistant to help you take care of your family better no matter where you are. Reduce the cost of electricity and potential risks affecting the quality of life; as well as the safety of your whole family.

Easily share the manager
The Azura smart device, also, is easy to use, management is also easy to share the management rights of others at the discretion of the owner.

Prepare the scene ready
We can fully prepare the whole opening / off scene at the same time and many smart devices in the house.

A timer to turn on / off the device
There are many reasons that we do not want to do it ourselves to do the work of turning on and off lights at fixed intervals every day. Opening the timer of the device will save you more time.


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