Create a high-class smart home

What is a smart home? How to use it? Smarthome seems to be no longer a strange term for modern life today. The smart home is a type of house that is installed with electric and electronic devices that can be controlled or automated or semi-automatic, replacing people in performing one or several control operations.

This system communicates with users via electronic panels placed in the home, applications on mobile phones, tablets or a web interface.

If your home normally has dozens of buttons, it takes a lot of time to turn them all on. Now Azura has saved you that time with just one button on your smartphone without having to go through any central connected device.

With Azura, you can control via voice or touch control on a smartphone. In particular, you can script to set the time to turn on / off the electrical equipment in the house. Turn your home into a truly smart home, while giving you a level of experience, comfort, and fast. Give your ideal living space without spending too much time and effort

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