Azura – the optimal smart home solution from A to Z


SmartHome is an indispensable trend for the technology age 4.0 today. Understanding that Azura was founded by a group of technical engineers in Australia; headed by Dr. Kawashima Okuno (headquartered in Darwin City, Australia).

From advanced scientific and technological minds of leading engineers in the field of artificial intelligence; Each product of AZURA is always the best crystal from the combination of two technological civilizations: Japan – Australia.

We provide international smart home solutions from Australia with more reasonable cost and guaranteed quality. We hope that the products we provide are not merely devices but will become “effective assistants”, “friends” to help you enjoy the most wonderful moments with your family.

Being the official exclusive distributor in Vietnam on the comprehensive smart home solution of Azura-Australia, Nam Khanh is constantly improving the quality of service to bring the best smart home solutions to deserve. with the influence of international brands. Azura-Australia is a well-known and trusted smart home brand from Australia for residential, residential, tourist and commercial housing projects in more than 149 countries around the world.

Not only stop at discrete smart home solutions for daily living needs; Azura smart home gives you more than high-class, comfortable living experience with a system of nearly 3,000 models full of all solutions for your entire life. Using solutions that connect from security solutions, lighting, curtains, alarms, family health, etc., we are committed to turning your whole home from the entrance to the kitchen into a pine tree. superiority and utility with only 1 touch or a few control command without using any gateway (center).

Integrating the entire solution on one control application with the global server system makes the Azura-branded intelligent control connection more stable and powerful than any other brand.
In addition to integrating many advanced and advanced technologies in the process of product creation, Azura-Australia also did not forget to use the optimal production line, helping to minimize operating costs to bring to consumers. 1 international smart home solution system at a reasonable cost compared to local.

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