All utilities are only in 1 app


Azura smart home products are unique technology products that can connect all devices only to a single app without going through any center device. This App can connect all systems: smart lighting system, smart sensor system, intelligent security system, … What you need are wifi and smartphone, Azura will Connect all your home appliances into a complete network.

Normally, to control the devices in your home that need to be manipulated manually on dozens of switches, Azura will now give you a class experience when you can control them all on one app. With one-button operation on the smartphone screen or smart electronic devices iPad, smartwatch, … you can also control the device. You can also script to turn on / off smart electrical devices via App Azura. Helping you save a lot of time by going to the place to perform the manual operation.

You can control the house no matter where you are, App Azura will help you easily control the throne via the app that gives you a level of life, comfort and fast. Azura with smart home products now helps you own the smartest house at the most affordable price.

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