10 indispensable household items for tech connoisseurs

The 4.0 technology is taking place, which is followed by a boom in most modern smart technology products. The following article tells you the indispensable indoor products for tech connoisseurs.

The smart socket that connects to the wifi disconnects the power remotely

The smart plug is a device that connects to Wifi and can notify you via your phone. If you leave home and remember you haven’t unplugged your iron, this appliance will help you control turning off the power plug from anywhere via a smartphone.

Google home mini

The Google Home Mini is a smart speaker and a virtual assistant Google Assistant that allows you to interact, command and control smart home devices. As a central device for controlling smart devices in the home, Google Home Mini is powered by micro USB, no batteries. It’s simple to set up – plugin and connect via the Google Home app on your phone (supports both Android and iOS. Google Home Mini speakers have a compact, eye-catching design with lots of colors for guests selected goods.

Smart Camera

Unlike normal cameras, smart cameras are equipped with more functions to increase the maximum convenience for customers. Some new features can be mentioned such as waterproof, wi-fi connection, internet connection, emitting sound when a burglar broke, motion detection sending messages to the host, … Most of the generation cameras This new sharpness and allows users to install many different picture modes.

Smart curtain motor

Smart curtain motor is a set of products ready to replace all the old curtain motor system of the curtain, allowing the curtain to be connected and controlled directly via a smartphone. It allows you to close/open curtains anywhere, and you can also script to close/open curtains according to preset times, sunset or sunrise, especially according to weather and temperature…

Cleaning Robot.

The smart cleaning robot is a product for us to solve the hard, time-consuming tasks such as sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning, … Without any human support. At the same time, the Robot also sets up the 2D map itself, making scanning performance more efficient

Smart washing machine

Unlike conventional washing machines, smart washing machines are products with 2 separate cages integrated drying feature. Products can wash all kinds of clothes from thin, thick to blankets. With the super speed washing function, helping to wash clothes faster, reducing washing time by half. At the same time, washing machines using modern technology can clean, deodorize and bacteria for laundry. The most outstanding feature of the product is the control and monitoring of the laundry process anywhere via smartphone.

Smart smoke alarms

The smart smoke alarm is a product with a sound alarm function, sending notifications directly to your smartphone when it detects smoke to protect your family safe from fire and explosion risks.

Smart fridge

Unlike conventional refrigerators, smart refrigerators integrate many most modern features, can be controlled remotely via smartphones. The refrigerator has a voice recognition function and makes requests. At the same time on the refrigerator surface integrated a touch screen that can observe the food in the refrigerator without opening the refrigerator. And more comfortable, you can control your entire house through the touch screen. Also, the refrigerator contains intelligent deodorizing and bacterial systems to protect your family’s health and safety.

The hub controls the IR infrared control devices

A hub is a device that replaces all the controls in the house; helps connects devices using remote control directly to the Smarthome control App. The device works independently, connects to Wifi, uses it with the App on smartphones. When the device is activated; It will connect to all products using the remote in the room. Hub equipment is widely applied to hotel rooms and restaurants; office building; school, bank; libraries, computer rooms, warehouses, houses, etc.

Smart mirror

A product that looks like a regular mirror but can do more things than conventional mirrors. For example, control the electric light system in the home, adjust the temperature, play videos, listen to music, watch the news, schedule, …

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